Q: Contact us if you have any concern

A: Yes, we keep regular business hours and would welcome your call. You will hear an experienced friendly voice and our agents are standing by. Feel free to call us at 952-469-0425

Q: How long does it take to get insurance started?

A: In most cases, less than a day. Roofing, general contractors subbing out more than 35% of their work and larger accounts take a bit more time. Purchase a policy from us, you will be amazed with the turnaround time.

Q: Which insurance companies do you use?

A: It’s a closely guarded secret. Seriously, we have teamed up with over 35 top rated carriers to make sure you are receiving the most for your hard earned money. Many have special programs for contractor’s general liability insurance, commercial auto and workers’ compensation insurance.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just tell us your ready and we will rush the pre-filed application to you via out electronic system, Docusign. It takes a minute to sign and NO printing, faxing, scanning or mailing! Even folks that are inexperienced with computers or smart phone get it done. The preferred down payment method is by routing and account number. This we like to obtain in person or by phone for security purposes.

Q: Do you offer monthly payments?

A: Yes, we do, absolutely! Many of our insurance companies allow monthly payments or close to it. There can be savings associated with paying in full, but it’s not required here. We do however recommend automatic monthly checking withdrawals. The reason being is that you normally won’t have an installment charge. Plus, if you always have funds in your account, no late charges or cancellation notices.

Q: How much will it cost me?

A: Contractors insurance rates can vary based on, type of contractor, payroll, number of owners, limits of coverage, gross sales, amount of work sun-contracted to others, tool and equipment coverage, etc. Our agency works with multiple insurance companies and our knowledgeable staff delivers only the lowest rates.

Q: I need proof of insurance right! How long will it take.

A: If you contact us in the morning, you can have your certificate in the afternoon in most cases. It’s a simple four step process: 1) Request your quote 2) Order Your Policy 3) Sign 4) Pay Your certificate will be emailed to you or the people requesting it.

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