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What is cable and satellite TV installers insurance?

Cable and satellite installers insurance is general liability insurance.  It is the primary or core insurance policy Wisconsin cable and satellite installation businesses should buy.Cable and satellite TV installers insurance covers bodily injury and property damage claims.

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There are different limits of coverage, like $300,000/$600,000, $500,000/$1,000,000 or $1,000,000/$2,000,000, which is most common and recommended.  Also, there can be a property damage deductible, meaning you would pay the first say, $1,000 if you damaged something other than what you are working on.  This should be considered before purchasing a policy.  General liability insurance generally covers your premises, products, operations and completed operation (once your work is done).  Feel free to click here for a more detailed definition:

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How much does cable and satellite TV installers business insurance cost?

Our independent insurance agency believes shopping multiple companies (for maximum savings) and working with an experienced contractor’s insurance agent is key to finding affordable rates for cable and satellite installers insurance.  Wisconsin business owners might expect to pay $482 to $900 per year for a start up with one active owner.  The insurance is rated on payroll.  A set rate is applied to each active owner and then employee payroll is factored in.  Having a good claims history, having years in business and size of your operations can have a positive effect on premiums.


Let us compare Wisconsin cable and satellite TV installers insurance and help you choose wisely. 

Our goal is protecting your cable or satellite business.  We do this by shopping multiple Wisconsin insurance companies to find you the best protection.  Our second goal is to save you money.  By bring multiple options to the table we give you a choice.  Helping you customize a business insurance program that is not only cost effective, but right for your growing Wisconsin business.


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